Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

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How to Reach Us

Our staff is busy organizing volunteer projects, so if you call please leave a message and we’ll get right back to you. We recommend you email us for the fastest response at info@wlrv.org.

We post on our Facebook page frequently about various projects and upcoming social events. Our posts highlight all sorts of community events as well as lots of other fun stuff! Connect with us on Facebook!


WRV Boulder Office (main)

Phone: 303-543-1411
Email: info@wlrv.org
3012 Sterling Circle, Suite 201, Boulder, CO 80301


WRV Fort Collins Office

Phone: 970-493-2075
Email: fc_info@wlrv.org
2926 E. Mulberry St., Fort Collins, CO 80524


Organization Directory

Boulder Office: 303-543-1411
Ed Self, Executive Director ext. 112
Kevin Shuck, Director of Programs ext. 101
Maya Burlingame, Development Coordinator ext. 113
Morgan Crowley, Weeds Program Manager ext. 102
Geoffrey May, Restoration Projects Coordinator ext. 103
Amy Ansari, Native Seed Collection Program Manager ext. 104
Melinda Courtman, Finance Assistant ext. 105
David Fulton-Beale, Restoration Projects Coordinator ext. 106
Janine Welton, Youth and Stewardship Projects Coordinator ext. 107
Sarah Egolf-Tarr, Development Director ext. 108
Rachel Brett, Youth and Inclusiveness Director ext. 109
Ashley Poulson, Volunteer Coordinator ext. 100
Kelly McVerry, Controller and Accountant
Julie Finley, Assistant Restoration Projects Coordinator ext. 110

Fort Collins Office: 970-493-2075
AnneMarie Fussell, Community Relations Coordinator ext. 1#
Luke McNally, Watershed Restoration Manager ext. 2#
Nate Boschmann, Stewardship Manager ext. 4#
William Vieth, Restoration Projects Manager ext. 3#