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Wildlands Restoration Volunteers is a non-profit organization that provides an opportunity for people to come together, learn about their natural environment, and take direct action to restore and care for the land. We'd love to have your help!

Colorado is blessed with tremendous natural beauty. However, our open spaces, forests, streams, and high country are experiencing numerous impacts due to their close proximity to a fast growing urban population. Development, increasing recreational use and other human activities, have taken their toll on vulnerable ecosystems and wildlife habitat. At the same time, land management budgets are falling. Read more about us...

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Recent Flooding and Our Work

Lafayette Flood Clean up

Months after the devastating floods across Colorado, our hearts still go out to the thousands of people who have been deeply affected by this disaster. WRV is first and foremost about community, working together to accomplish great things. With mountains of work still to come and agencies still creating priority lists we know many people want to get involved NOW. We encourage folks to be patient as projects are safely planned. There will be months and years of work to repair trails, erosion, and restore streams. 

WRV has lost some funding associated with canceled projects and will incur substantial costs to tackle new flood-related priorities.  We would greatly appreciate your generous donations to recruit and mobilize volunteers and corporate support, train more volunteer leaders, purchase restoration equipment and materials, transport equipment and materials to affected locations, and feed and insure volunteers to do the needed work to restore our watersheds. Donate Now To WRV's Flood Recovery and Restoration Work


WRV is growing!

We're out to build a community of restoration volunteers that heals and changes the way we take care of our public lands. The last fifteen years have been an exciting ride and we can't wait to see where the next fifteen take us. To make this happen, WRV is thrilled to bring on six new staff positions this year including, a Youth and Inclusiveness Coordinator, a Weed Projects and Campaign Coordinator, a Restoration Projects Coordinator, a Post-Fire Restoration Coordinator, a Watershed Restoration Coordinator, and a Office/Volunteer Coordinator. Please look for these smiling new faces on our Staff Profiles page soon or out on the over 100 projects that are planned over the season.

Weiser Volutneer Project


Big Thompson Master Planning RFP

On behalf of the Big Thompson River Restoration Coalition (www.bigthompsonriver.org), Wildlands Restoration Volunteers is issuing this Request for Proposals for River Restoration Master Planning on the Big Thompson River. The master plan is an essential part of our long-term efforts to restore ecological function to the Big Thompson River after the devastating 2013 flood.  Please distribute this RFP widely so that we may receive a sufficient quantity of proposals to evaluate.  The deadline for submittals is January 24, 2014.  Refer to the proposal for all other details, including a per-proposal meeting on January 17.
Download the proposal

Weiser Volutneer Project



Volunteer Projects

Thanks everyone for a great 2013 season! We are in the process of planning over 70 great projects for 2014 and will announce the full project season mid spring. You can also see all the great work that was done this past year on our photos page or check out ways to become a leader next season by reading more on our leadership training program.

Weiser Volutneer Project

Major sponsors: Thanks so much to our major sponsors and donors for their continued support.