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Membership Drive

Many people are becoming contributing members to WRV, because they recognize that without this kind of community support, we could not cover the costs of all our great projects.  To achieve the amazing tangible results our community expects, there are substantial costs for planning, design, restoration materials, volunteer training, and more.

Please consider becoming a Member of WRV.  Any amount is appreciated—and every dollar will be put to good use!

Help us meet our goal to recruit 250 new members this year.  We’re already well on our way and your membership can help push us over the top.

Your membership will help us expand our work dramatically over the next three years. 

Become a member NOW. It's easy!

Join our "10 Bucks a Month" Club. It's the perfect way to celebrate over ten years of great communtiy and restoration, with a contribution of just $10 each month.

Testimonials from Members…

From the first WRV project I attended, I knew this was an amazing organization, and each project reconfirms it.  I've seen first hand how much work goes into planning a project to ensure that the time and effort invested by volunteers are productive, appreciated, and fun.  I support WRV as a member because I know that every dollar spent to keep the organization operating is multiplied many, many times by the hours of hard work donated by the volunteers.  Pat Japenga

The staff, the volunteers, the agencies...everyone involved in WRV is so friendly, knowledgeable and flat out amazing. The work carried about by WRV is just as impressive. So volunteering, taking on leadership roles, and contributing financially seemed like a no-brainer. It's small grassroot organizations like WRV that get folks interested in (and excited about) improving their local beloved places. In addition to bringing about a strong sense of community, the results of WRV's work are close, tangible and immediate. Why not help them out in any way I can? - Stacy Blanchard

At first, 5 years ago, I was attracted by the enthusiasm of a friend for WRV.  Since then, I have been increasingly overawed by WRV's unique ability to combine passion for its mission, fun, technical thoroughness, and organizational sophistication to provide an opportunity to help heal damaged natural landscapes. I love the attention that WRV gives to making sure that volunteers feel welcomed and valuable, that they will both enjoy and be proud of the work that they do on any project.  Paul Liscom

I am a member of WRV because of the core values of the organization, and more importantly, the fact that in every facet of WRV, we live the core values.  I volunteer for WRV and became a member because the combination of volunteering and donating makes me feel truly connected on a deeper level. Amy Kopkin

Small projects + close to the Front Range + highly organized = WRV gets more done in less time. Scott Jonas

Benefits of Membership...

discounts on WRV trainings, priority registration on projects, lower minimum donation to receive WRV water bottles, t-shirts, mugs, etc., plus satisfaction that you are making a difference! 
More benefits coming soon…