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Wish List

As a small, low overhead organization, we rely upon donations from individuals and businesses to meet many of our needs.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and will be acknowledged to the community via our website, publications, and public announcements at our projects.  If you would like to donate, or have questions about our current needs, please contact us at info@wlrv.org or 303-543-1411.  Thank you!

Specific Items

  • Gift-type items that can be used in a fundraising auction, or as thank-you gifts to dedicated volunteers (For example: outdoor gear; travel opportunities; gift certificates, massage, movie tickets; nature-themed artwork, services, etc.)
  • Pick-up truck: either a vehicle to own, or opportunity to borrow for free or low cost.
  • Van to transport volunteers, available to borrow for free or low cost
  • Cell phone service – donated or prepaid plan to allow communication from the field
  • Food for volunteers
  • High powered 2-way radios for field communications
  • Storage space for our tools and a refrigerator (truck accessible and min. 500 sq.ft. with electricity)
  • Refrigerator and/or freezer
  • ATV (with cultivation and seeding implements)
  • Gas powered generator (for operating power tools at project site yet somewhat quiet for camp use)
  • PDA (handheld)
  • Retreat Space for Volunteers and Board Members (1 x 3 day weekend in January)
  • LCD Projector
  • Small business desk, portable shelving, file cabinet, and misc. office supplies
  • Tools such as McLeods, picks, Pulaskis
  • Toaster

Professional Services

  • Marketing (to help us best reach our target constituency)
  • Fundraising expertise (donor development, grant writing)
  • Natural Resource expertise (plant ecology, botany, hydrology, soils, and other specialties)
  • Human Resources (to contribute to policy development via our Policy Committee)
  • Website design, using Dreamweaver
  • Printing Services
  • Internet Access and Phone