Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Youth and Family

Youth are often told they are the stewards of tomorrow, but WRV believes there’s no point in waiting until then. Our youth and family programs are focused on giving young people the access, motivation, and skills they need to be environmental leaders today. Nearly 5,000 youths have engaged so far!

Family- and youth-friendly volunteer opportunities

Youth experience in nature alongside a trusted adult is a powerful predictor of a future environmental ethic. WRV encourages youth participation in many of our projects. Many are family-friendly, meaning children under the age of 12 are welcome to attend along with a parent or guardian and actively participate in restoration efforts.

To find family-friendly projects, visit our project schedule here, and look for projects with the “Family Friendly” tag.

More complex and difficult projects are often limited to older children and adults; however, we are always willing to work with parents whenever possible. Please call our office at (303) 543-1411 to discuss how we can accommodate the needs of your family.

School and youth group volunteer opportunities

WRV stewardship projects are a great way for school groups or youth organizations to get dirty and give back. Whether you’re looking for hands-on environmental education, a meaningful service opportunity, or just a chance to get outside, WRV can work with you to meet your needs.

Projects are:

  • Educational, and can incorporate a quick lesson in the field or more in-depth before-and-after learning experience in the classroom
  • Customizable, covering a range of topics including succession, fire ecology, native and invasive species, and environmental issues
  • Flexible, including half-day, full-day, multi-day, and ongoing opportunities
  • Skills-based and solutions-based, offering youth a real opportunity to make a difference

If you’re interested in scheduling a youth project with WRV, please email our Youth and Inclusiveness Director, Rachel Brett rachel@wlrv.org

Youth Leadership Program

WRV’s Youth Leadership Program gives youth a chance to take their stewardship skills to the next level. WRV youth leaders participate in ongoing skill-building and community-building opportunities over the course of the season. Youth can choose from several pathways to leadership, from High School Crew Leader training to an annual leadership summit to serving on the Youth Advisory Committee. Youth leaders:

  • Learn advanced restoration skills
  • Lead youth and adults on stewardship projects
  • Participate with old friends and make new ones
  • Learn about careers in natural resources from professionals in the field
  • Build their resumes
  • Fulfill service-learning and volunteer requirements
  • Explore Colorado’s beautiful public lands while giving back

Ready to boss around adults and make an impact? Email Rachel Brett, Youth and Inclusiveness Director

Did you know? Kids today spend less than 30 minutes a day outside but over seven hours in front of a screen. WRV provides safe, meaningful, and fun opportunities for youth to engage with nature.

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