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Accra Agreement

1. In light of the recent appointment of the UN Secretary-General`s Special Representative to Liberia, the parties call for the urgent establishment of a consolidated United Nations mission to Liberia, with the necessary means to facilitate the implementation and coordination of political, social, economic and security assistance that must be renewed under this agreement. The allocation of 84 deputy ministers` posts was not covered by the peace agreement and disagreement on the issue caused tensions within the NTGL. However, requests for President Bryant`s resignation by THE leaders of MODEL and LURD were quickly lifted and the crisis presented by President Bryant at the Transitional Act meeting was accepted.2 With the exception of the implementation of the NTGL and the launch of the DDRR process, implementation of many provisions of the agreement has been delayed and has not been in line with the original schedule set out in Schedule 3 of the agreement. The main mechanisms for implementing the Peace Agreement, including the Implementation Monitoring Committee (ITC), were all in force until October 2003. On 27 November 2003, three armed groups reportedly renewed their call for an increase in government posts. To address the situation, the BMI held its first meeting on 28 November, co-chaired by UNMIL and ECOWAS and made up of representatives from the African Union, the European Union and the International Contact Group. At the meeting, the Committee condemned the attempt by armed groups to make government positions a precondition for their participation in the DDRR programme. The meeting also recommended that appropriate action be taken against the parties who continue to violate the ceasefire agreement. [fn] Secretary-General`s Report to the Security Council, United Nations (S/2003/1175), 15 December 2003. [/efn_note] President Taylor presented his presidency to Vice-President Moses Blah on 11 August 2003, in accordance with the provisions of the peace agreement. changes. The agreement can be amended by the written agreement of the parties.

d. attempts to occupy new sites and the movement of armed forces and resources from one location to another, without the prior approval of the JMC; 10. Communication. The parties ensure that the terms of the ceasefire agreement and written orders requiring compliance with the rules are immediately communicated to their armed forces. Contractual terms are communicated simultaneously to the civilian population through printing, electronics and other media. The Treaty and Monopolies Committee and Governance Reform Commissions were established in February 2004, along with five other autonomous commissions mandated under the peace agreement.14 Places. Each party determines the location of its units, including combat equipment, and transmits this information in writing to the JVT within 72 hours of signing this agreement. The JVT visits the sites to verify the information provided and create the locations of the parcel unit on a map. This document is signed by all parties and is the reference document on the limits of their sites.