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Agreement To Work Ordinary Hours

Employees without bonuses and without an agreement do not receive a higher rate of pay when working overtime, unless their employment contract prevails. To meet the requirements of the SG, pension contributions must be paid up to 9.5% of the salary of these hours. In other words, normal working hours are the hours agreed in the worker`s employment contract or that are on the worker`s list. For the purpose of calculating the amount of the severance pay, a work performance without supplement and without an agreement is taken into account before 1 January 2010 only if the employment contract provides for severance pay by then. A worker who has worked overtime should have a minimum break of 10 hours between the date of termination of employment and the date of entry into work during the next period of work. An employee who does not benefit from a 10-hour break is 100% sentenced for all normal working hours until a break of at least 10 hours is received. No deduction is made from an employee`s salary, as time is lost during this break. The departure must be used by the worker within six months of the date on which the overtime was worked, failing which it shall expire. In exceptional cases where the worker has accumulated more than 72 hours of leave and the worker cannot take the leave within twelve months of being taken into account, the Executive Director (Human Resources) may be requested that the balance be paid to the employee at the overtime rate in effect at the time of payment of overtime. Nerida`s role is therefore free of attributions and agreements. Their rights derive from their employment contract and the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act), including the NES. Different distinctions have different normal working hours.

In general, normal working hours reflect in a distinction the type of work performed in each sector covered by this award. It is important to note that the extent of normal working time is not the same as that which a worker may have to work. The hours that a worker must work are set within the framework of normal working time and must be less than 38 hours per week. This section explains how normal working hours are set for staff without bonuses and without agreement. . . .