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If you think your company`s annual performance evaluation or audit means you`re performing performance management, think again. Understanding how the two are different and how they are related is an important learning point for current professionals in Rhine management and talent management. In many cases, it is useful to consider performance evaluation as an essential process that fits well with performance management. Some would even say that performance evaluation is only part of the biggest performance management puzzle. No matter how you look at them, they should both lead to superior performance over time! If you don`t get the results you need, then both parts need to be redesigned. Performance management is the process of identifying, measuring, managing and developing human resources performance within an organization. If you think about it, another way to make a difference is that performance evaluation is a reactive process, while performance management is a proactive process. […] does not play the game in terms of performance management and annual audits. Do you know the “difference between performance management and performance evaluation”? In fact, given the above statistics, it is a relatively safe bet to say that performance […] Performance evaluation has been around for a long time. How else do you know if an employee deserves a raise, bonus or promotion? Performance management accelerates this multi-notch process, proactively manages employee performance, and builds on and achieves the organization`s overall vision, mission, goals, objectives and strategies. Performance evaluation is about a person and the results they have done in the past, while performance management takes this information more into account and explicitly evaluates it against what is important to the organization as a whole. There are all kinds of ways of thinking about the difference between the two.

In performance management, it`s about knowing what you`re going to do to help an employee continue to develop to improve your company`s performance. Performance evaluation is how you assess progress by regularly assessing or measuring the actual performance of the employee over time. The problem, of course, is that, for the vast majority of workers, their overall experience in performance management is now an annual performance review (or evaluation, evaluation or evaluation). Here`s how academics distinguish between the two (source): 3 APA Guideline Annual Performance Agreement is essentially a record-breaking agreement between a minister who has the mandate of the people, and the secretary of a department/department responsible for implementing that mandate.