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Aveda Salon Agreement

Aveda has taken an innovative approach to bringing business into our salons and spas and attracting consumer recognition and awareness. Aveda Experience Center is a high-end retail (mall) that aims to raise awareness among local and national consumers about our salon/spa partners. No paid services are provided in the experience centres. Customers have the opportunity to play with the products and learn what works best for them. The reality is that these sites refer thousands of customers to the Aveda network and Concept Salons every year. Aveda`s positioning with a collection of high-level retailers and designers increases the value of our trade show network in the eyes of the consumer. These websites truly represent the ultimate experience advertising. According to Aveda, the company does not saturate local markets with Aveda products. This allows for less competition and more business for Aveda lounges in a given area. But it also means that if there is already an Aveda salon near you or several Aveda salons near you, your salon is less likely to be accepted than the Aveda partner. If there are no Aveda salons near you, your salon has a good chance of being accepted to sell and use Aveda products. It`s okay, that`s what I thought. Until I should own a living room.

Then the dark reality began. But before we go any further, let`s put this in the right perspective, keeping in mind that you, the hairdresser, get a percentage of what is charged to the customer by the salon. You don`t pay at the salon a portion of what you bring in – it`s the other way around. Thank you to my friend Alberto Cirillo for talking to me about it. You will receive customer advice from the Aveda website and the global network of stores (based on your trade show). Aveda prides itself on the integrity of its product development, distribution and business practices. One of the company`s flagship philosophies is that companies exist and have longevity because of integrity. The company says it would only market with like-minded salons, which also value integrity. Your salon must do respectful business and you must prove this to Aveda during your partner`s evaluation process. If you are connected to Aveda, you have the strength of a marketing and PR department as well as national and global advertising to support your products.

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