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How To Cancel Registered Agreement Of Sale

These contents are the conditions that the seller undertakes to respect. Sections 31 to 33 of the Specific Relief Act 1963 indicate when a document may be cancelled. Under this law, termination is possible if and if: 1. You have escaped the clutches of the law by keeping the original contract when the contract in question has not been registered If you wish to terminate the contract and not claim damages, it is not necessary to take legal action. There would be a forfeiture clause in the agreement that would give the seller the right to lose the token money in the event of a breach by the buyer. This is in addition to the regular recourse available to the parties through legal action relating to the specific performance of the contract. It is not necessary to terminate the contract if the contract itself provides for the period of performance of the contract. In such cases, time is the nature of the contract.