Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Land Managers

WRV can help you meet your land stewardship goals with minimal effort from your field staff while engaging the public in a very positive way. WRV has worked with dozens of local, state, and federal land agencies and land trusts since 1999.

WRV services for land agency projects

  • Recruit and handle all communication with volunteers.
  • Provide highly trained volunteers to lead crews and manage project.
  • Provide all needed tools.
  • Feed the volunteers.
  • Write grants to help fund projects.
  • Do technical design work.
  • Hire and manage heavy equipment contractors.
  • Order materials and coordinate with material vendors.
  • Conduct site monitoring of restored sites.


WRV outdoor stewardship activities

  • Post-fire restoration and erosion control
  • Restoration of streams, wetlands, prairie, alpine areas
  • Trail maintenance, construction, and restoration
  • Tree and native species planting
  • Road removal and revegetation
  • Mitigation of the effects of pine beetle
  • Invasive plant removal
  • Native seed collection
  • Rare/threatened plant and animal species protection