Wildlands Restoration Volunteers


Land Manager Testimonials

Jean Thomas, Hydrologist, Canyon Lakes Ranger District and Pawnee National Grassland:
“Volunteering is an important avenue to understanding good stewardship principles. The volunteers that have worked on forest projects with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers are valuable partners in spreading good stewardship principles.”

Christine M. Walsh, District Ranger, Boulder Ranger District, Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland:
“Without your presence, persistence, and hard work we would not be able to turn back the tide of impacts from all the people who use and appreciate and, sad to say, use and abuse the Forest. We appreciate you, but more importantly, so many of the public appreciate all WRV has done for us all this summer. Thanks!!!”

Wendy R. Magwire, Forest Wildlife Biologist, White River National Forest:
“This is a volunteer group that does EXCELLENT work.  Both Johnny and I have worked with them in the past.  The nice part about WRV is they do all the recruiting, planning, design, supervision, follow-up monitoring, and provide their own equipment (although they will gratefully accept horse/llama support if needed). They have botanists/restoration experts on staff and often have more experience and expertise than we do. They are based in Boulder and normally stay fairly close to the Front Range. I am thinking however that Dillon would be within their view. Your project has to compete with other projects, but they are always excited about new projects and new locations. You do have to feed them some funds, but it can be pretty minimal. I got 65 volunteers to transplant 400 spruce/fir trees from Winter Park Ski Area to Berthoud Pass for $2499.  I also gave them $10,000 to do an alpine restoration project that contract bids came in for at $65,000. They go out and recruit other matching funds to help the project grow. I can’t say enough about them. They are AWESOME. Give some thought to potential projects.”

Jeff Thompson, Natural Resource Stewardship Coordinator, Colorado Parks and Wildlife:
“I am consistently amazed at how WRV harnesses the satisfaction that comes from doing good work to help the land, combines it with amazing expertise in ecological restoration, and has the result be a community of volunteers that have fun while working hard to make positive change for our environment.”

David Hirt, Boulder County Parks and Open Space:
“WRV has been a real asset to our agency. Their ability to mobilize large groups of dedicated volunteers has allowed us to complete restoration projects that may be beyond the scope of our staff or budget. Not only do they bring real technical skills to the projects, but also an enthusiasm for building community, having fun, and improving our natural areas that is contagious.”