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Master Lease Agreement 49 C.f.r. Part 376

1. The licensed renter must indicate aggregates in accordance with FMCSA requirements in 49 CFR, Part 390 (vehicle identification). Before relinquishing possession of the equipment, the carrier removes all markings that make it appear as an operating air carrier. j) insurance. 1. The lease agreement provides for the legal obligation for the licensed air carrier to maintain insurance coverage for public protection in accordance with FMCSA rules, in accordance with point 49.C.C 13906. The lease also indicates who is responsible for the operation of the leased equipment, for example. B Bobtail insurance, for other insurance coverage. If the authorized carrier re-enters a tax to the lessor for one of these insurances, the lease agreement must indicate the amount that will be refunded to the lessor. b) the specific duration. The lease sets the time and date or circumstances in which the lease begins and expires. These periods or circumstances are consistent with the receipt periods prescribed in paragraph 376, paragraph 11, paragraph 11 (b) below. You are invited to participate in a research study for the participation of people in search authorization forms.

Before you choose to be part of this study, you need to understand the risks and benefits. This authorisation form contains information about… 1. During the lease period, the carrier must indicate the equipment in accordance with the requirements of the FMCSA in 49 CFR, part 390 of this chapter (vehicle identification). Dm/3E) regarding the international registration of industrial designs requires the registration of a restriction, see 1. This form can only be used to register a restriction for a single… 2. Unless a copy of the exchange contract is brought to the equipment, the approved rental engine must carry a statement on the equipment during the replacement service indicating that it is operating the equipment. The statement also indicates the equipment according to the company`s company or the state registration number and indicates the specific location of the exchange, the date and time at which it assumes responsibility for the equipment and the use of the equipment. This statement is signed by the parties to the exchange agreement or their authorized representatives. The requirements of this paragraph do not apply where the exchange devices consist only of trailers or semi-trailers.

With the exception of .376.11 (c) that require the marking of the equipment, the rental conditions provided in this section do not apply to: (2) Unless a copy of the lease is carried on the aircraft, the authorized carrier must submit, during the duration of the lease, a statement indicating the equipment it operates. The declaration also indicates the name of the owner, the date and duration of the lease, the possible restrictions of the lease agreement on the goods to be transported and the address at which the original lease is held by the authorized carrier. This statement is made by the authorized carrier or its authorized representative. (b) the lessor must own or retain the equipment under a lease agreement; 1. The licensed carrier establishes and maintains documents for each trip for which the equipment is used in its service.