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National Sectoral Agreement On Energy Performance

Only an accredited energy expert can prepare an EPC report and a recommendation report. You can use domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register to search for an accredited home energy evaluator. All EPC reports must be published in the register, which is available to the public free of charge. The registry is managed by Landmark Information Group Limited. This depends on the availability of the energy evaluator. Before selecting an expert, make sure you have clarified the deadlines for the report to be prepared. On average, a report can be received within three business days and you must ensure that you have ordered the report before the good is placed on the market and marketed (unless a valid EPC already exists). The MEES rules prohibit lessors from granting new leases for buildings of an energy efficiency class, as indicated on a so-called “poor quality” real estate EPC, unless the transaction is excluded from the rules or a derogation applies and this exemption has been registered. The prohibition on renting low-quality real estate also applies to existing long-term leases and lease renewals. In 2002, the EU adopted regulations to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, which contained energy performance certificates (EPCs) that should contain information on the energy efficiency of a building to which it relates. EU regulations were transposed in England and Wales through a number of legal instruments that eventually resulted in the current EPC regulations[2]. But the story doesn`t end there.

In itself, the EPC rules have no real “teeth” and, as such, following a series of consultations, the government adopted the MEES rules [3], thus introducing the concept of minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) for residential and commercial real estate. Currently, only authorities (those who provide services traditionally related to local or national government) who occupy a building with a total useful area of 250 m2 or more and who are often visited by the public, must present a valid CTA. This must be posted at all times in an important place, easily visible to visitors to the public; a valid recommendation report must be available upon request if one is required.