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Output Type For Scheduling Agreement In Sap

“No outbound service interface assigned to the output type SALES_SCHEDULING_AGREEMENT.” I tried to configure EDI output for distribution plans in SAP S/4 HANA CLOUD. However, if we establish a delivery plan (ME31L) and then plan (ME38), the list of types of expense information displayed in the messages is the list of framework contracts (contracts). is attached the adaptation of the framework agreement and the types of emission reporting that we see in the ME31L transaction. It`s my fault! I got the impression that me31L, the initial transaction for planning, had the same set of news as me38! I need technical help to find a delivery plan. We adapted the output types and messages for the delivery plan and executed all stages of the NACE transaction. Yes, it is possible with another type of output. Please set up a new type of output for emails and give it a try. You cannot use one type of output for both EDI and e-mail. The delivery plan is established. After the update of the positions in the long term, the requirements are communicated to the supplier through the EDI process. The expenditure is appraised using the issuing medium as “EDI”.

Here is the requirement, if the quantity or other details related to the delivery plan changes, the same must be communicated to the supplier in a different way (mail or fax) than the EDI. At the time of creation, the search for messages is done through the EDI. This involves maintaining the packaging rates for the evaluation of expenses. In this case, it is possible to send the changes to the delivery plan to the supplier via another medium. Can you give a guide on this requirement please? and if that doesn`t help, then post screenshots of each of your customizing steps and the SA version. The adjustment seems correct, but the problem is that it chooses the wrong set of messages. . We also created condition sets with the MN10 transaction. You already have an active moderator notification for this content. .

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