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Background: A device reliability test is required to determine the degree of consistency of the device measurement. Differences in perception between testers are very likely, so they influence the consistency of the assessment between testers. The reliability measurements of the PSIK FK UGM oral maintenance skills checklist have never been performed before. Research objective: To find the interoperability of the reliability of the PSIK FK UGM competency checklist. Method: This study is a non-experimental descriptive quantitative study with cross-sectional design. The respondents of this study amounted to 85 students of the PSIK FK UGM. Two testers participated in the study using two checklist instruments for oral maintenance skills. The results of the evaluation of the two auditors in the overall analysis and each point. Conclusion: The general checklist of oral maintenance skills of PSIK FK UGM has poor reliability.

As a result, most of the items on the checklist are unreliable. Keywords: Reliability Interrater, Checklist, OSCE, Percent Agreement, Kappa. Background: A reliability assessment is necessary to determine the degree of consistency of the measuring instruments. There may be different perceptions between reviewers, which can influence the consistency of the assessment among auditors. The evaluation of the reliability of the oral control instrument has never been carried out before in the science program of the Faculty of Medicine of Gadjah Mada University. Objective: To determine the reliability of the oral care checklist interrater at Gadjah Mada University Nursing Science Program. Method: This research used descriptive and cross-sectional non-experimental quantitative research methods as the research design. The participants in this study are first-year students of the UGM School of Nursing, for a total of 85 students. There are two evaluators who assessed oral and oral maintenance skills using two oral control instruments.

The results of the evaluation of two evaluators were analysed in general and by checklist. The data were processed with STATA 9 and analyzed with percentages of overrealization, unweighted kappa (k) and kappa square weight (kwq) Result: Reliability interrater of the list of mouth care on unconscious patients, as generally a poor categorization (k = 0.1332; AP= 48.65% The oral nursing checklist for unconscious patients contains 18 articles of the wrong category (k = <0.20), 4 articles of fair category (kwq = 0.21-0.4 0), 6 articles of moderate category (kwq = 0.41- 0.60) and 2 articles of good category (kwq = 0.61-0.80). The reliability of oral care of patients with dentures is a checklist, given that the category is generally poor (k = 0.1969); PA=64.58%. . . .