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Suntrust Treasury Management Agreement

The Ministry of Finance has attempted to resolve the problem through temporary circumventions of problems, for example, an option. B of “negative consent” for simple products. But riskier products, with remittances, ACH authorizations and security administration agreements, still required signatures, and they accounted for 35% — 45% of Treasury activity, each with an average processing time of four days. Fabre understood that electronic signatures can simplify and speed up the approval process. “The sooner we can get customers in, the sooner they will get the services they need, such as paying. B,” Fabre notes, “and the sooner we start to get revenue from these services.” According to Mr. Fabre, purchases from the bank`s other activities and private customers will not be difficult. “I say to people: let me email you an email link so you can sign the agreement. And then just open it on your phone, iPad or desktop and click to sign it. I promise you it`s a much better experience. And if you`re the sales consultant who serves that client, you`d better organize the signing process quickly and comfortably.

At the beginning of Operation OneSpan Sign, Marc Fabre received an urgent call from an advisor who was not familiar with the new electronic signature tool – they had an impatient customer waiting on a plane and wanted to complete the deal before takeoff. Today, Treasury e-sign has activated about 60 forms, with its 200 employees, 600 – 700 contracts per month on OneSpan Sign. While some of the paperwork is simple, other agreements include several signatures from different signatories on documents of up to 20 pages. Regardless of complexity, OneSpan Sign secures signatures and records the full monitoring route, without adding additional steps that could cause confusion or delay. Instead of managing signatures via email — where important messages can be lost among the 50 – 150 emails employees receive each day — employees appreciate having a central sign-in-box onespan with notifications and other tools to track signature progress. At the Department of Finance, the transformation of the signing process has been dramatic. Before OneSpan Sign was made available, it took an average of four days to enter into service contracts. “Now,” fabre says, “we are two days or less away. When I first entered my role, I received emails from frustrated customers and regional sales managers two to three times a week. They said, “This process is confusing.” Since using the OneSpan signal, I haven`t heard of it. I can`t tell you the last time I received an email from a frustrated customer. The first line activity starting with the new type of signature was cash and payment solutions in 2015.