Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Corporate Support

Thank you for your interest in partnering with WRV and our award-winning restoration efforts! There are several ways of partnering with us, that allow you to make an impact on restoration in our state. For further information on any of these opportunities, please email Maya Burlingame, Development Coordinator.


Corporate Sponsorship

Dedicating a portion of your company’s charitable giving to WRV means an investment in our state’s natural areas! With more than 90 projects a year, your support can having an impact from the mountains to the plains and highlight your leadership on environmental stewardship.

Kaiser employees eradicating Tamarisk week
Kaiser Permanente employees tackling the dreaded Tamarisk weed at Peschel.

Sponsorship options include:

Season or Program Sponsorship: Support our entire project season, a particular restoration program (such as trail or rivers), or a single project. Click here to view the options and benefits available with these type of sponsorships.
Heart and Soil: This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! In 2018 it takes place Thursday, June 21 at Lone Hawk Farm. Click here for more info.
Spring Potluck: We kick off our project season with this annual event. With big turnout and lots of enthusiasm, it’s a great way to reach our volunteer base!

Service Projects

You and your colleagues will be able to have a direct impact on restoration efforts when you work on a service project with WRV. We offer many options, including your own exclusive restoration project. Click here for more information.

Workplace Giving

Does your company offer workplace giving? Workplace giving to WRV is an easy and efficient way to make tax-deductible donations to the charities you care about, typically with donations taken directly out of your paycheck. And if your company matches these donations, it’s a great way to double the donation!

Matching Volunteer Hours

Dollars for Doers and other volunteer rewards programs are a wonderful way to encourage your employees to give back to the community. By offering donation incentives to people who track their volunteer time, you increase their impact and support their passion for giving back. Since WRV is driven by our volunteer efforts, this makes a big impact on our organization!

Benefit Days

Are you a retail company that donates a percentage of sales on certain days? Consider Wildlands Restoration Volunteers for your next benefit day! With more than 6,000 people on our email list and more than 2,500 followers on Facebook, we can mobilize a number of people to visit your location.