Wildlands Restoration Volunteers


Team Affiliation

The Project Medic is a member of the project leadership team.


To the extent possible, prevent injuries to participants in WRV projects. In the event of an injury or illness, administer appropriate emergency care.


  • Work with the project team to assess, identify and minimize the potential risks of the project, if appropriate. Complete Risk Assessment Form if involved in project planning
  • Provide copies of current certification cards
  • Review WRV Medic Information Sheet
  • Assist in the completion of the Safety net documents
  • Attend project pre-meetings and briefings, as needed
  • Be available by radio during project and after hours for overnight projects
  • Know the contents of and carry first aid equipment on projects
  • Provide emergency care to the level of training as needed on projects
  • Contact outside emergency response care, if needed
  • Complete Incident Report Forms
  • Attend project debrief session to provide feedback, as needed.


Background or Qualifications

For urban projects, project medics must have at a minimum a current First Aid certification. For wilderness projects, project medics must have at a minimum a current Wilderness First Responder certification. The classification of wilderness or urban project is made by the project leadership team based on the criteria of the Wilderness Medical Institute of NOLS.

Training and Preparation

Dependent upon project. Project medic is briefed by the project team and may be involved in project planning.

Meetings and Site Visits

Before project, attend planning meetings and site visits, as needed, to fully understand the potential risks of the project. Before project, pick up first aid equipment, radios, medic IDs, applicable forms. After project, return equipment, fill out forms and attend project debrief session, as needed.


Project-by-project basis.


Reports to Project Leader. Works with WRV staff and Crew Leaders.

Measures of Success

Potential hazards are reduced if possible. Volunteers working on the project are informed of possible hazards in an effort to prevent injuries. In the event of an injury or illness, injured person is treated in the appropriate manner.