Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Invasive Weeds

Myrtle Spurge

Myrtle spurge is a noxious weed that is toxic to people and wildlife, and has become a serious infestation in the Boulder, Jefferson, and Denver county areas. This is a weed that can has few or no predators, so it can crowd out the diverse native plants that make up our local flora. This can cause significant damage to our native ecosystems, and the State of Colorado has determined that it poses an economic and environmental threat to our State. State law actually requires eradication by property owners.

In order to advance the effort to eradicate this weed, a regional coalition of nonprofit groups and government agencies have formed a unique partnership to fill a gap in weed management. Most management efforts focus on public lands, but if infestations on private land go untreated, these weeds can spread back to public land. Our program offers assistance to private land owners in Boulder County.

other weeds

WRV also works to eradicate other invasive species, including tamarisk, Mediterranean sage, Russian olive, and teasel (view video), and there are even more weeds that pose a threat to our ecosystems. See below for our upcoming weeding projects!

We also encourage you to keep an eye out for noxious weeds on your property and to treat them if you find any! The Colorado Department of Agriculture has detailed guides to the identification and treatment of all of Colorado’s weeds. Thanks for helping us protect our native flora and fauna!