Wildlands Restoration Volunteers


Volunteer with WRV!

Join us as we celebrate 20 years of healing the land and building community!

Find a Project and sign up for it. You’ll have fun, meet new friends, and help restore Colorado’s wild places around the northern Front Range, up in the high country, out onto the Western Slope, and beyond. Everyone is welcome.

No experience is necessary. Grab a shovel, wedge out a boulder, build a trail, plant willows, pull weeds, chop down trees (if you complete our sawyer training), gather or scatter native seeds, spread mulch, or volunteer in our fun-loving office or at an event.


Become a leader!

Learn leadership and restoration skills as part of your WRV volunteer experience. Find a Training and sign up for it. Read more about our leadership program.

Got a question about volunteering? Please check out our FAQ, or contact us at info@wlrv.org or 303-543-1411 and press “1” for general information.


Community outreach!

Want to share your enthusiasm about our mission and values with the wider community, and help us to educate and recruit more fabulous volunteers? Help us raise awareness about the amazing work we do – sign up for one of our upcoming outreach events!