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Become a WRV volunteer leader!

Help manage projects, be a technical advisor, lead a crew, design restoration solutions, cook, manage tools, or help us with your first aid or photography skills. Bring your skills with you or learn with us. WRV offers leadership and technical training, as well as mentoring by experienced leaders. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. The desire to be a leader is the only requirement. Sign up for a training today!

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WRV Leader Roles

Crew Leaders

Crew Leaders motivate, guide, and instruct volunteers in effective, safe and enjoyable ecological restoration projects. WRV provides the training for each Crew Leader to fulfill our mission to heal the land and build community. More

Lead Cooks

Lead Cooks are the designers and drivers behind the camp setup, menu creation, meals, meal cleanup, and food-related support for volunteers on a project. The Lead Cook works with the project leadership and Cook Team members to create a healthy menu that fits the budget, number of helping hands, meat and vegetarian needs, and food safety requirements. More

Tool Managers

Tool Managers are responsible for selecting, organizing, transporting, and managing tools and equipment for projects and returning them to WRV clean and organized. More

Project Leaders

Project Leaders ensure that all aspects of a project are taken care of prior to and during the project. The Project Leader works with the project leadership team, agency staff and WRV staff, but he or she is the single person with the comprehensive “big picture” view of the project. The Project Leader leads and facilitates a team of volunteer leaders to ensure project completion and an outstanding volunteer experience. A good Project Leader takes full advantage of the talents of the entire project team to see the work gets done. More

Technical Advisors

Technical Advisors serve as a bridge between WRV and the land management agency for the technical aspects of the project. The Technical Advisor works with the agency to create or clarify the project’s technical goals, creates a work plan, and communicates the technical needs to the crew leaders. More

Youth Leadership

WRV’s Youth Leadership Program gives youth a chance to take their stewardship skills to the next level. Youth can choose from several pathways to leadership, from High School Crew Leader training to an annual leadership summit to participating in the WRV Youth Leadership Development (WYLD) Program. More

Related Leadership Roles

Leadership Assistants

WRV often needs leadership assistants, most often assistant project leaders and assistant technical advisers. Assistant positions are a great way to try out a leadership role and learn by doing. Each leader and their assistant work out the division of effort for each project.

Volunteers with Medical Training

Our volunteers include those with certified training in first aid, first responders, EMTs, RNs, doctors, and others. WRV (or the land management agency) provides stocked medical kits, the risk assessment and emergency response plan, and radios for quick response in the event of an incident. More


Photographers and videographers document the techniques employed, the progress of the work, and the joy and satisfaction of the volunteers. The photos are used by WRV staff to document project accomplishments and recruit for future projects.

Project Hosts/Greeters

The project host greets volunteers at the check-in table and helps say thank you and goodbye to them at the end of the project. A project host might also be the trail host, educating the public about the volunteers’ work that day. This is a great way to get involved with WRV’s mission if the physical work of a given project is too demanding for you.

Agency Contact

During a project, the Agency Contact is the primary point of contact with the sponsor land management agency. The Agency Contact is normally a staff person of that agency who communicates the desires of the agency to the project team, negotiates the project scope, and coordinates the provision of agency services necessary for the implementation of the project. More

WRV Staff Liaison

The WRV Staff Liaison (WSL, pronounced “whistle”) is a staff position. On each project, the WSL supports the project leader and project team so they have a positive and successful volunteer experience that contributes to WRV’s organizational mission and goals.


2019 Training Schedule